12th - 14th October 2011

The Summit

12th - 14th October 2011

Next Generation Utilities Summit Australia 2011

Summit Venue
Marriott Resort and Spa Gold Coast

The NG Utilities Summit Australia will bring together decision makers from across Australia and investors from neighboring regions to meet with top solution providers committed to maintaining Australia's competitive position in the utilities market.

Summit News

ASX deal the latest losing move

Ian Verrender discusses the latest news from the ASX merger.

Posted October 29th 2010

Cashed up, but no place to go

AUSTRALIAN clean energy investors are frustrated. They have the money, they have the clients, but they don't have many viable investment choices. One critical problem is the absence of a price signal such as a carbon tax that can make alternative energy sources viable. The other main problem is the early-stage nature of many of the clean energy stocks on the Australian market.

Posted October 29th 2010

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